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Mr Superstar
1 June 1986
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Fuck you a lot.

1930's, 99th mind, a static lullaby, afi, american head charge, angelina jolie, animal rights, art, atreyu, backstreet boys, bile, bracelets, cheese, chicago, chile, cindy, clothes, coal chamber, coheed and cambria, cold, collars, computers, concerts, dada, dave navarro, david silveria, dead poetic, deadsy, deathcab for cutie, deftones, dita von teese, ditty, dr. pepper, electric guitar, emo, emoxcore, europe, evanescence, eyeliner, fallon bowman, fight club, finch, fortune cookies, france, friends, fun people, funeral for a friend, get up kids, good charlotte, gothic, graphics, guitar, guitars, gwen stefanni, hair, hardcore, hatebreed, house of 1000 corpses, html, internet, jay gordon, john 5, kittie, korn, la ley, lost prophets, lunarclick, madonna, madonna wayne gacy, make up, mana, marilyn manson, mechanical animals, mest, mewithoutyou, midwest, milk, mindless self indulgence, minnesota, money, moulin rouge, mp3s, mudvayne, murderdolls, music, musicals, necklaces, new found glory, nice people, nightmare before christmas, nin, no doubt, orgy, ozzfest, paige haley, pants, paris, pearl jam, photography, piercings, pigface, placebo, poison the well, poop, powerman 5000, pugs, radiohead, rasputina, red hot chili peppers, rufio, santiago, self destruction, shoes, slipknot, socks, spikes, static x, story of the year, strangers with candy, synth pop, system of a down, tattoos, techno, that 70's show, the arch dandy, the blood brothers, the matrix, the used, theatre, tim burton, tim skold, top hats, trent reznor, tuxes, twin cities, uniforms, vaudeville, vegetarianism, vintage stores, warped tour, webcams, willy wonka, work, xtina, zeromancer